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Want to learn more about Past Life Regression but prefer your "Woo" backed up with a little mindset and psychology?  Then, you've come to the right place!

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Today is the day you allow nothing, to stand in the way of positive change. Not your WILLPOWER or your MINDSET!

Does This Sound Familiar?

leaf_01 You’ve quit smoking then light back up when stressed?  

leaf_01 Wearing your “skinny jeans” is no longer an option but you’re fed up with diets that make you feel deprived and are too hard to stick to?

leaf_01 Building your business empire has been sabotaged by procrastination or fear of being judged as “not good enough”?

leaf_01Anxiety starts pulling the puppet strings at the dentist or medical appointments?

leaf_01 You have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep or wake up too early?  

leaf_01And what about fears and phobias?  Are your family and friends annoyed that you just can’t get it together?  

leaf_01Are you wondering WHY it’s so hard to make changes that stick and can’t figure out what’s holding you back?

I’ll let you in on a little secret.

Willpower has nothing to do with it. 

               It’s Your Mindset!

Here’s the deal: Feelings and behaviors are driven by underlying beliefs that you hold as true.  

But…No one is BORN with these beliefs. You build them.  



They come from interacting with people and the world, starting right in your childhood!  And…you are still building more beliefs!

All those “truths” trigger reactions and feelings.  



Behaviors always have an original positive intention, because your subconscious works to keep you safe and in balance.

Anytime your subconscious detects a change in the “status quo”, it will do everything in its power to bring you back to that original intention in the same way it has been doing all along.

But..don’t worry.  It’s really not that hard to change, and the best part is: You don’t even need strong Willpower!

Your beliefs become stronger over the years when situations that are similar to the original take place.  


And… whatever feelings or behaviors those beliefs produce, become stronger, too.  It’s called generalization.  

What does this have to do with your seeming lack of willpower or your inability to make changes more easily?

 Beliefs lead to feelings and feelings lead to behaviors.

And, news flash…this all happens automatically!  

The bottom line is: your subconscious is running the show and it works on autopilot!

The annoying thing is, you continue to react to scary things in your past…


Others don’t always understand.  They may say “Just get over it” or “You don’t have to react that way”. And, maybe they become impatient with you, or even irritated. 

Are you sick and tired of hitting roadblocks every time you try to make positive changes, like quitting smoking or losing weight? Do you want to stop missing out because of your fears, phobias or negative beliefs?

Ready to make the changes that YOU desire, not the changes someone else wants you to make?

Well, if this sounds like you, then you have come to the right place!


butterflyside_72_01a Hey, there!  My name is Cheryle Freedman and I use person-centered techniques to help talented, intelligent people just like you break free from the roadblocks that prevent you from making those healthy changes you want. 

Your life should be full of possibilities, not fears and roadblocks! 

YOU should be writing your own life story.  You shouldn’t be at the mercy of those annoying beliefs that sabotage you every step of the way!

But, what is a person-centered approach, you say? 

It means that you are in charge of how you make those changes.  I teach you techniques to find your own solutions…

the ones that make sense to you. Then I help you put them into place.  

Here’s another secret most people don’t know:  You already have all of the resources (tools) you need to solve your problems, hidden in your subconscious mind.  



And why should you look for the answers there, instead of me just telling you how to solve your problem? Because, I am not an expert in your life. You are!  



Who knows you better than you?



 I am merely a guide to help you locate the solutions you need and figure out how put them into action.




 Even minor anxiety or negative beliefs can prevent you from participating in activities that should be enjoyable or rewarding.  




I will help you to release the emotional charge on your past experiences, give you a variety of tools to choose from to make those positive changes and show you that you can do it easily, even if you don’t have Willpower!



You can realize your dreams and make

all of the changes you want.   

How Will You Make Those Mindset Changes? By…


leaf_01 Unblocking the stuff that hides the underlying cause of your beliefs and automatic behaviors.

leaf_01  Finding your own hidden, subconscious resources and learning how to make them work for you, not against you.

leaf_01 Experiencing an automatic change in mindset that reduces the impact of your symptoms. 

You may think that you have already tried everything, and nothing has worked.  But…never underestimate the power of your imagination! 

You can do anything, once you know how!

Are you ready to feel that relief and sense of empowerment?

Learn more about me and my journey HERE.

Dr Freedman’s CD has been helping me to deal with my insomnia. I’ve struggled with it for years – lying awake with worry. I have a hard time shutting down at night.  After only one listen, I had a restful night of sleep. The CD teaches you ways to calm your own mind… a guided meditation that you eventually learn to do yourself. I listen to it often and am able to now visualize the ‘staircase’ in my mind—and it helps me to shut my brain off and get to sleep! I’m so grateful!

Melanie K.

singer and musician of the band :Sirsy

” Cheryle Freedman is very adept at past life regression therapy.  I was part of a group past life session, and what transpired was amazing!  We got a glimpse into some past lives, and it answered a lot of questions about this life!  My son was also there and remembered being a prisoner on a pirate ship when it was attacked and sank.  He was utterly helpless, being tied to a mast when the ship went down.  Thus, his aversion to going into water over his head or covering his face.  We all fear being incapacitated, but his fear of being restrained was intense.  Now we know, and we can work on letting that fear go.

For me, it answered why I like living alone, and my aversion to animal cruelty.  I was a healer (as I am now) and lived in Scotland, I think around the early 1800s.  I was something of a shaman, or medicine woman.  I had to go into town one day, a fishing village.  The fishermen had caught a whale, and they were killing it on the dock.  The animal looked at me, and I saw a soul- intelligence, and excruciating sadness and pain.  I will never forget this, no matter how many lives I live.  Thank you Cheryle, for gently leading us to our own truths, and being there to talk it out after!  You are amazing!”

Carolyn F.

Reiki Master