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Connecting to the Higher Consciousness with Beyond Quantum Healing.

Hello, Seeker! 

I’m Cheryle, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Doctor of Psychology in Hypnotherapy and Counseling. I am also an Advanced Certified ThetaHealing™️ Practitioner and Certified Beyond Quantum Healing Past Life Regression Specialist.

Along my journey I learned how to heal my past. Now I embrace my present and look forward to the future. Expanding my holistic practices and techniques enabled me to find my inner wisdom and intuition. I use that knowledge to help both myself and others.  

You already have all the skills you need to make any changes you want.They are hidden in your subconscious, so you are more powerful than you know.  We can find that power together.  


You are both the Archeologist and the Architect of your Soul’s Journey.


*Cheryle Freedman*

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Spiritual Star Gates help you discover who you were always meant to be. This is energy work and we are working with the higher consciousness. You are energy, and this work will open up your *portals* to past lives, other dimensions and working directly with the higher consciousness. The goal is to heal mind, body and spirit. This path is supportive and always focuses on that which is for your highest and best good. 

 There is some Level 1 work that may need to be done first, and that will help you to get in touch with your own hidden skills. This may include finding and clearing limiting beliefs that are holding you back and becoming familiar with what the higher consciousness is capable of. You must learn to connect with your inner knowledge and intuition so that you will be able to do the higher spiritual work when you are ready. 

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