Anxiety has met its match. After all, haven’t you waited long enough to experience peace, freedom and to pursue your dreams?

How could I possibly know how anxiety affects your life? Well, I’ve had my own reluctant relationship with it.

I experienced an abusive abuse childhood and came out of it feeling damaged, worthless and like I would never be “good enough”. Those were pretty powerful, programmed negative messages. I knew where those beliefs originated, but changing them was another story.   I hated the way I looked, always thought that people were looking at me and judging me, and for a short period of time, I was even afraid to leave my house.

I experienced bouts of depression and was always striving for perfection, although I never felt that I achieved it. I had PTSD symptoms that carried right into my adult life. 

I thought that furthering my education might be the answer.  I became an RN and loved it!  I worked in an Emergency Department for 15 years and felt that I was making a difference.  But the nagging insecurities still lingered on. 

Then, I got breast cancer and a divorce in the same year!  Could my world fall any further apart?  I felt so depressed that I finally went to a therapist.  I was petrified about telling my story, but the therapist didn’t make me go into details.  She told me that what happened was part of my history, it was not my fault, but the fact that it happened could not be changed.  The only thing that could change was me. I felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders!  And I was determined to find a way to start believing in myself.

I went back to school and earned my Masters in Social Welfare.  I remarried during that time and subsequently got a job conducting therapy with sexually abused children.  While I was still unable to prevent trauma from happening, I was able to help children work through it and release the anxiety and negative beliefs they held about themselves. 

I attended trauma conferences, read books, became certified in hypnosis and pursued doctoral studies that focused on trauma and memory.  I really wanted to learn all that I could so that I could help others who were suffering with the after affects of negative experiences. 

While learning hypnosis, something wonderful happened.  I discovered that I was able to release my own anxieties, including PTSD symptoms that were still lingering from childhood.

Through my own personal journey and in working with my clients, I realized that anxiety and fear is at the root of many issues.  So, I took all of my knowledge, training and experience and created programs that help you release the emotional impact of the anxiety that is holding you back from pursuing the life you want.  I’ll give you the tools to help you change negative beliefs into positive beliefs and help you find the powerful resources hidden within your subconscious. 

butterflyside_72_04You can begin living a life of peace, pursuing your passions and let nothing….even anxiety…stand in your way! 

“Cheryle is a very experienced professional and it shows in her work.  Our past life session was a wonderful adventure into my past lives and I received valuable insight into my current life path. 

In my 19 Years of working in the field of social work, I also had the pleasure of working with Cheryle in my professional field.  Cheryle is a skilled professional when it comes to working with both children and adults.  As a caseworker, I had referred abused children to work with Cheryle and I would highly recommend any services that Cheryle has to offer.  She is an amazing woman who takes a genuine interest in the goals and successful outcomes of her clients.”

Nicole F.

DSS Caseworker

“I was really skeptical about a CD helping me with my insomnia, but this one actually worked!  Still, for those of you who think it is a quick fix, it is not.  Per the instructions from Dr. Cheryle Freedman, I used this every night so I could continue to practice getting to the point where I could just fall asleep easily.  After a few months, I can say that I fall asleep easier and also stay asleep.  The CD is soothing and relaxing.  I’m not sure if it is the CD or just that I have learned to relax, but, whatever it is, it’s working!  Thank you, Dr. Freedman. I am going to try the CD for changing my relationship with food next!”

Ryan F.

Film Student

“I am currently a training manager who sometimes has to fly for work. However, I’m an extremely anxious flyer and didn’t want to resort to medication to be OK on planes. I was able to get help from Dr. Freedman. She helped me deal with my anxiety while flying.  I have to say, it has saved me a lot of anguish on my flights. Ironically, I now have less anxiety on the actual flight than I do before I even board.  The best part is, if I do feel myself getting anxious, I’m able to use the tools she taught me to work through it and relax.  I even started using the breathing and imagery techniques if I start feeling anxious in other situations.  I would definitely recommend Dr. Freedman to others who are dealing with situations similar to mine.”

Kevin B.

Training Manager