Stargate Sessions

Beyond Quantum Healing™ Multidimensional Higher Consciousness Work

For The Highest and Best Good of Mind, Body and Soul 

 2-3 hour session where you may explore a past, present, future or alternate (dimension) life and ask questions of your guides, angels, guardians, ascended masters and/or your higher consciousness. You may also explore the life in-between lives and view past lives from the perspective of spirit. This work helps you to understand your purpose. Includes an audio recording of your session. 3 hour session $250  
**Please email to schedule intake interview.
Scheduling for November 2023

 ThetaHealing® Technique is an energy healing modality created by Vianna Stibal.  This is a meditative process done at the Theta wave level of trance where the facilitator is a conduit for healing energy coming from the *creator of all that is*.  This works well to clear underlying beliefs at the physical, emotional or spiritual level.  It also helps the client discover what those underlying beliefs truly are.  One hour sessions. $125                                        Please email to schedule session. 

Scheduling for November 2023

Oracle Card Readings


I am a certified reader for The Food Healing Oracle Deck®, which is not just about healthy food! This deck also focuses on your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual needs. I also use The Starseed Oracle® and The Cosmic Cat Wisdom Cards  
30 minute sessions  $35. One hour sessions $75***Guidance & Oracle Cards help you use your own hidden wisdom to figure out what to do in many life situations. They are not to be considered “advice” and card readings are *for entertainment purposes only*. 
**Please call or email to schedule session.
30 minute sessions available. Scheduling one hour sessions for November 2023.
Intuitive Coaching Program




Together we create personally tailored program of 4 or more sessions that combine the techniques that resonate best with you.  Usually a combination of different techniques that combined, offer you the best outcome.  May include PLR, Muti-dimensional Guide Work, Hypnosis, Theta, Structured Unblocking and Oracle Cards. Prices based on techniques/length of sessions.                                                                                       $450-$800 

**Please email to schedule intake interview and check availability.                                                                                                                   

 The services listed here are not “therapy”.
 I do not claim to diagnosis and/or treat any medical or mental health issues.  Therefore an intake interview is necessary to make sure your needs are being met appropriately.  My services should not be used in place of appropriate medical or mental health treatment.  Some issues may require a physician referral.
Limited sessions (online Zoom sessions only) will be available between May 15, 2023 and October 16, 2023. For these sessions you must email to check availability and schedule.