Star Gate Courses

Mindset Course

Learn how to break through limiting beliefs and achieve your goals…as easily as designing a room in your home! This is a 9 module course with more than 38 videos, downloadable workbooks and audios.  Bonus Module 9 is an introduction to Past Life Regression. Learn at your own pace from the comfort of home. Lifetime access to course material.  $247

Learn Self Hypnosis with this video course.  Modules include what self-hypnosis is, how to achieve hypnotic trance, deepening your trance, writing a super focused script and how to record your script for easy use.  It also includes two audios to help you relax and achieve trance.  Lifetime access to course materials. $97

NLP course

NLP Part Work is a 7 step  technique that accesses your subconscious mind to do the work for you!  You don’t even have to know what the limiting belief is for this to work.  This is an online video course with 7 videos and an audio recording.  Lifetime access.  $37


My cat can’t sleep“, said no one, ever! But children often have that problem!  Ask any sleep-deprived parent!  Read the story together before bed. Then, play the accompanying Guided Imagery CD when your child gets tucked in.  The CD is a longer version of the story, delivered in a relaxing and comforting manner, with beautiful background music to enhance its relaxing quality.                                 $18.95

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