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The Keys Vol III: Meditations and Messages for Life’s Most Challenging Times

This is a solo album by Cheryle Freedman, voice recording artists for In2uitive Wisdom Records. This 8 track meditational guide will assist with clearing the emotions that hold you back from experiencing all that life has to offer. In this spiritual journey you will learn the keys of acceptance, forgiveness, vibrational elevation, unconditional love, peace and the most important key of all: The Key of self-worth. All tracks are accompanied by original music composed by Howard Wulkan of Farmadelica Sound.                                             $12.00 & Free Shipping

Abundance Meditation
Gulf Coast Meditations: Abundance

Cheryle Freedman is one of 10 recording artists on this beautiful CD and brings you: Abundance by Accessing Your Divine Blueprint. Each meditation offers you a unique way to bring abundance into your life. Choose one per day or listen to them all…but make them a part of your daily meditation practice and begin attracting that which you desire.                                          $12.00 & Free Shipping   

Gulf Coast Meditations: Sleep

This is a compilation of various recording artists, including Cheryle Freedman. These meditations are designed to gently relax those who could use a little help generating a peaceful night’s sleep. Tracks include Unwinding: Relax, Rest, Restore: Beautiful Dreams (Cheryle Freedman); Sleep My Friend (by producer and composer, Howard Wulkan); Magic Carpet Ride: Sleep Rhythmn, and Floating Into A Dream.                                                                                    $12.00 & Free Shipping

Children, Tweens & Teens
Gulf Coast Meditations: Children, Tweens & Teens

Sometimes we don’t realize that children get just as stressed out as we do. Cheryle Freedman joins various recording artists in sharing meditations that will help all age groups find some relief from what life throws at them. Cheryle’s track is Connecting With Your Inner Wisdom for Teens. 

The rest are beautiful stories filled with magic about dragonflies, butterflies and superheroes! Plus a song written and performed by Lainie and Howard Wulkan : It’s All Inside!                                                                           $12.00 & Free Shipping

Book and CD
Raven Can’t Sleep: Children’s Guided Imagery Metaphor. Book and CD. by Cheryle Freedman. 

“My cat can’t sleep”, said no one, ever!!!!  While you may never have heard of a cat that couldn’t sleep, many tired parents can relate to the struggles of trying to get a child to fall asleep. And, children don’t always know why they can’t. The excuses for a drink of water or another bedtime story are not just “stall tactics”. There may be worries that they don’t consciously know exist, can’t express or don’t know how to deal with. Well, Raven has come to the rescue!

Raven is so exhausted she doesn’t know what to do. She tries everything she can think of and nothing works! And the more she struggles to figure it out, the more she worries. And, guess what happens when you worry? All you can think of is the problem, not the solution. 

Raven’s story is a metaphor that will help your child’s imagination trigger his/her own problem solving skills. Children are experts at metaphor…they automatically understand how a story relates to their personal problem. Read the story together before bed. then play the accompanying Guided Imagery CD when your child gets tucked in. The CD is a longer version of the story, delivered in a relaxing and comforting manner, with beautiful background music to enhance its relaxing quality. Relaxation not only helps your child’s body get ready for sleep, it allows whatever is keeping them awake to come to the surface, as well as the solutions for solving the issue. And, psychologically speaking, children are more likely to act upon solutions that they come up with themselves! 

Finally, repetition is how new behaviors become habits, so play the CD every night to reinforce the child’s ability to fall asleep on his/her own. The imagination will take over, and imagination is one of the most powerful tools we possess! 

Let Raven and her awesome adventure help your child!                                      $18.95 and free shipping to US and Canada