You deserve a life filled with joy and amazing experiences. And willpower alone has not helped you solve your problems.  Why is that?

You need to change your mindset! 

You’re not alone!  Mindset Really Matters!

Many of my clients have struggled with unwanted habits, relationship issues, lack of self-confidence and yes, even anxiety and phobias.

You’re intelligent, thoughtful, creative and willing to work hard.  You’ve got tons of willpower, so it just shouldn’t be this hard to make lasting changes!  


But, no matter what you do, it’s not happening!  Why?


Because your behaviors are automatic.  They comes from underlying beliefs, you might not even know are there!  They come from your MINDSET!

So..What to do now?


I know you want to: 

Feel Better Now, Stop Feeling Stuck In

Place and Successfully Achieve Your


Believe me, there really is a way to stop your struggle.    

You Can:


leaf_01 Make powerful positive changes in your life.  

leaf_01 Overcome unwanted habits…and stick to your changes!

leaf_01 Build your business empire with confidence.

leaf_01Participate in enjoyable activities with family and friends, without   feeling anxious.

leaf_01 Start getting a good night’s sleep.

leaf_01 Be creative, smart, successful and confident like others you admire. 

leaf_01Use a process that eliminates the struggles that have blocked you in the past.  

We all love the easy route! Three cheers for quick, easy and as painless as possible!


I’ve been where you are now.  It’s so draining to go through life feeling like a failure because you can’t seem to stick to a diet or quit smoking.


Still feeling a little stuck in place?  


Family and friends just don’t seem to get it?  They tell you to “just let it go”, “just get over it” or “just do it”.  




It’s not because they don’t care…they just don’t understand.  But I do, cuz I’ve been there myself!


Well, what’s holding you back?  I know you can do it!



It’s not really a big secret…


Remember those negative beliefs we talked about earlier?


The underlying beliefs that sabotage your efforts to make changes? 


Those beliefs that are actually only OPINIONS and therefore, can be changed?


On a conscious level you know some of those “beliefs” are not true.  Yet you keep acting like they are!


It’s not your fault!  The subconscious mind is far more powerful than the conscious mind could ever be.  

It stores more knowledge than you can even imagine.   So, a lot of these beliefs are not even within our conscious awareness!  


But, those beliefs still come with attached emotions.  And we tend to act on an emotional level, most of the time…



I really want to feel better!

Okay.  So, willpower, is a conscious act, and it’s competing against a powerful subconscious belief.  Guess who wins?

Hint: It’s not your willpower.  


Subconscious beliefs = Thoughts = Behaviors

Lasting change comes from finding what triggered the subconscious belief and releasing its emotional charge.  



Here’s the good news. You already know how to do this! 


No one knows you better than you. and the skills you need to make positive changes are hidden within your subconscious! 

Plus..Bonus!  Your imagination is also located within the subconscious, and…your imagination is far more powerful than your willpower!!!!


But how will you be able to make these powerful game-changing shifts?


By clearing and reframing negative beliefs.


As a result, you will be able to access your subconscious for the hidden skills and solutions you didn’t even know were there!


Once your energy is relieved of the task of maintaining your negative beliefs, your creativity is free to solve problems.


Now, nothing can stand in your way.

Here’s what will happen:

leaf_01 You will be able to manage your anxiety and phobias so that you can participate in the activities you have been avoiding.

leaf_01 You will find it easier to let go of unhealthy habits like smoking or over-eating.  

leaf_01 You will be more confident in social situations and be able to have a closer relationship with your loved ones.

leaf_01 You won’t continue to sabotage your goals or financial success.

leaf_01 You will make the positive changes that will enhance your enjoyment of everyday life.

Are you ready to stop sabotaging your success and break free of those limiting beliefs? Ready to break through your mindset blocks?


Let’s replace discouragement and failure with happiness and optimism!  


Though our work together I will help you transform the negative mindset that is holding you back so you can create a future filled with endless possibilities.



YOU already have the skills necessary to achieve anything you want. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve tried before. The skills are there and I’m here to show you how to find them.  


You deserve a better life without this pain and frustration.  

8 Week Group Program: DIY Mindset Design School! (Next Group in March 2018)***

***This program is offered only a few times each year.  The next group starts in March.  Click here to get on the waiting list.  

This program is based in mindset mastery, self-hypnosis and NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programming) techniques. We will use techniques like guided imagery, reframing, unblocking and metaphor, to help you achieve your desired outcome.    


What is NLP?  In simple terms, it is the process of using specific language to speak to the subconscious mind in order to help you change negative beliefs.


You will learn to fully relax, identify negative limiting beliefs, and uncover your own hidden resources to develop solutions that are unique to you.  


You will be able to calm anxious feelings when they arise and use the same techniques to solve other issues that cause life difficulties.


We will work together to create a program that is specific to your needs and use the techniques that you feel comfortable with.


Keep this in mind:  No one can Make you change. Once you know what tools to use, you will be the one in charge of changes in mindset and behavior.   


 ***This program does not involve therapy or diagnosis.  It is a coaching program in which you are an equal partner in the process.  This program is not meant to replace appropriate medical or mental health treatment.  


2 Payments of $268 each or, 

Pay in full: $497 and save $39

Program includes:

leaf_01 (8) 60 min. group meetings on Zoom, once per week.  You get personalized help from me and your group mates, share ideas, break through blocks and celebrate your wins! 

leaf_01 8 modules of Videos, audios and workbooks that lead you step by step into your transformation.






leaf_01 A metaphor mp3 (download) to help you unlock your hidden skills.

leaf_01 An NLP Parts Work mp3 download.

leaf_01 A Progressive Relaxation/Self-Hypnosis induction mp3 download.

leaf_01A Positive Beliefs meditation (mp3 download).

 leaf_01 Private Facebook Group (only for those in the course) where you can       interact with others using Mindset Mastery Techniques.