Just Imagine

Teach your children how to overcome fears, sleep problems, peer relationships and more by using their IMAGINATIONS!  This is a book you and your child will use together and your child will actually be invested in the process!  Children are always more successful when they feel that they have choices and some control over the process.  They feel more empowered to create solutions!  Techniques include Guided Imagery, Metaphor, Self-Hypnosis, Virtual Reality Biofeedback and NLP. You get background information about the different techniques, step-by-step instructions, and printable worksheets to help you complete the activities.  Wouldn’t you like your child to make some positive changes?  Then this is a must read!

Just Imagine: an interactive  eBook for Parents to use with  Children who have fear and anxiety.

Releasing Anxiety

Releasing Anxiety. Unlock your own anxiety-releasing skills with self-hypnosis. NLP techniques and indirect suggestion combined with Progressive relaxation and lovely background music help you to discover your own unique way of reducing your anxiety to a manageable level.  

Relieving Insomnia

Relieving InsomniaSelf-Hypnosis enhances your ability to achieve a restful night’s sleep by releasing the problem-solving skills hidden within your own subconscious. Trust your imagination to help you make the positive changes you desire.

A New Relationship With Food

A New Relationship With Food.   A less stressful way to manage your weight! With the use of NLP techniques, you access the positive behavioral skills stored in your subconscious mind and put them to use creating new behaviors that are more beneficial to your mind and body.  Your imagination is the key to developing your new relationship with food; and the imagination is ALWAYS more powerful than your willpower.

The Mystical Land of Allegory

In The Mystical Land of Allegory, children discover how to release their hidden potential for problem solving, by using their own imaginations.  This CD includes a guided-relaxation and two metaphors that specifically address the problems of difficulty sleeping and anxiety or fears. Beautiful background music by composer Annie Brunson (musicforhypnotherapy.com), enhances relaxation.

The 7 Day Belief Transformation Strategy Course

  • Can you imagine going all day without snacking on junk and not even realizing it?

  • Would you like to go to the doctor’s office without feeling anxious?

  • What if you didn’t need “willpower” to stop smoking?

  • And what if these new behaviors could settle into your thinking while you get a good nights sleep?


Learn the NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) technique called “Parts Work” and change that and more.  Easily change unwanted beliefs or behaviors into those that are more beneficial to your mind and body.  

And where are these solutions found?  Right in your own subconscious! 

You get 7 Videos, a Workbook, a Self-Hypnosis Relaxation Audio and the NLP Parts Work Audio. Once you learn the process, you can use it to change other beliefs and behaviors that are no longer serving you well! Change really can be easy!  Get started on your positive changes now!

Self-Hypnosis Made Easy

This is an intermediate program, but you don’t have to have previous experience to learn and use self-hypnosis. It dives deep into the basics of self-hypnosis, itself, not just one technique.  

The course videos take you step by step, teaching you how to define your goal and suggestions correctly, access trance and write your clearly focused hypnosis script that will bring you those changes you are hoping for.  The workbook goes even further by asking the questions that help you focus on what you really want.  

You can conquer an unwanted habit, build confidence, manage fears and anxiety and change underlying negative beliefs.  Join me!  Let’s start making those positive changes!  And…you get two bonus MP3’s!